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The Hand Map for Understanding Emotions & Living in the Realm of Well-Being

As you walk down the road of life, from time to time you will bump — ! —into difficult situations. Bumps may be upsetting issues, difficulties between you and others, a circumstance such as illness or financial set-backs, or maybe even a conflict you experience within between what you want and what you feel you have to do.

The five possible pathways you can take from the bump forward will determine how you feel. Fight and you will feel angry. Fold and you will feel depressed. Freeze with regard to addressing the problem and you will feel anxious. Flee from the bump and you risk becoming addicted to a behavior that ultimate harms you. Find a solution and well-being will return.

Yes! The route to sustaining well-being involves facing difficulties head-on so that you find a solution:

1. Gather information about the challenging problem situation.
2. Ask questions and listen openly to understand others’ concerns.
3. Brainstorm to find solution options.
Feelings of depression, anger and anxiety then are likely to dissipate. Addictions will be less likely to trap you. And your well-being becomes likely to return.
4. Add then actions that generate positive feelings, actions like giving and gratitude.
5. Enjoy your life!

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