Susan Heitler, Ph.D.
Dr. Heitler is available for speaking engagements.  To discuss her participation in your event, click here to contact us.

Dr. Heitler presents full-day continuing education workshops sponsored by PESI. Videos and audio cd’s of her workshop on Anxiety: New Intervention Strategies for Rapid and Effective Outcomes are available for purchase at PESI.com. Up-coming live workshops will be held in Ohio, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Wyoming. See PESI.com for specific locations and dates.

Goodtherapy.org also offers therapist continuing education webinars by Dr. Heitler. She speaks on narcissism and its treatment. Most recently she has spoken on the use of visualization techniques for more rapid and effective treatment, demonstrating how to apply these techniques to therapy both with individuals and with couples.



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In Prescriptions Without Pills, Dr. Heitler has created yet another outstanding guide for those who are interested in doing the work – that actually can be done – to turn their lives into something wonderful and empowering.  Dr. Heitler has a standing invitation to return to MyNDTALK.org – because I have a standing commitment to providing MyNDTALK listeners with the best of the best.

Pamela Brewer
Host/Executive Producer
MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

Dr. Susan Heitler recently presented a daylong clinical workshop at the Neve Family Institute in Jerusalem. She is clearly a brilliant clinician, master teacher, and recognized innovator in the field of couple’s therapy. Her teaching style is dynamic and engaging as she skillfully blends a didactic content with experiential demonstrations of clinical interventions. She presents with clarity, humor, animation, passion, and intellectual integrity. Her workshop was extremely well received, and the energy in the room remained high – even at the end of a long day.

Yisrael Levitz, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Professor Emeritus, Yeshiva University

Susan Heitler’s presentations are a valuable part of our Professional Educational Program.  Susan’s background as an educator shows in her organized, straightforward and clear presentations.  We welcome Susan as often as we can to give workshops on couples therapy.  Her no nonsense approach is positive, respectful and supportive to clients.  Therapists appreciate learning from a master whose style is warm, confident and believable.  Susan inspires people to be like her.  She puts herself out there as a role model who is complex and sophisticated yet compassionate and approachable.
Deena Mendlovitz
The Family Institute, Jerusalem

Dr. Heitler is a great presenter and knowledgeable trainer in couples therapy. Her workshop was over booked and participants were thrilled at her methods of treatments and practices with couples. Dr. Heitler’s most important skill is her ability to adapt her training to different countries and cultures of the audience and the community they are practicing in. I highly recommend her workshops and her publications. 

Brigitte Khoury
Founding president, Lebanese Psychological Association.

Dr Heitler’s workshop on conflict resolution was very powerful, both for students and for experienced professionals. Her positive attitude and interactive presenting style created a true learning atmosphere. The participants left both with the necessary information and also with courage to apply it in their clinical practice.

Yudum Akyıl
PhD, LMFT, Istanbul Psychological Association, Istanbul, Turkey