self-help therapy for depression, anger, anxiety, addictions, well being & relationships

Do you want to FINALLY feel better?

Do you sometimes feel depressed? . . . angry? . . . anxious?
Do you struggle with bad habits? . . . or with relationship difficulties?

You can feel better, soon, and stay feeling good and I can show you how.

I’m clinical psychologist, Dr. Susan Heitler and I specialize in helping people who are distressed to feel better and live happier lives.

My latest book Prescriptions Without Pills aims to help you feel better both personally and in your relationships.

You can use the ideas in the book on their own or to increase the effectiveness of medication or counseling.

If you struggle emotionally, I do hope you will give the suggestions in the book a try!

Prescriptions Without Pills offers you:

☛ New understandings of depression, anger, bad habits and anxiety
☛ Self-help techniques that can supplement and/or complement therapy to relieve your negative emotions.
☛ Strategies for sustaining feelings of well-being and increased happiness.

This website supports the book with:

☛ Videos that explain at a practical level the methods and skills taught in the book.
☛ DIY (do-it-yourself) worksheets and lessons so you can deepen your understanding of how to manage your feelings once and for all.
☛ Finally, my blog that is filled with articles to help you learn how to feel better, and stay feeling better, through out your life.

“This groundbreaking book is not just a book to read. It’s a book to use.”

—Toni Bernhard, How to Live Well with Chronic Pain Illness

Dr. Susan Heitler, received her education at Harvard and NYU and currently practices as a clinical psychologist in Denver, Colorado.

❱❱❱ Dr. Heitler earned her professional distinction by bringing a win-win conflict resolution strategy into the realm of psychotherapy.

Contemporary Psychiatry deemed her book From Conflict to Resolution as “the best of therapy.”

❱❱❱ Dr. Heitler’s popular Psychology Today and YourTango blog posts have garnered over 10 million reads.

❱❱❱ Graduate schools world-wide train couples therapists with her master therapist video, The Angry Couple.

❱❱❱ Her book Power of Two (with 6 foreign language editions), her Power of Two Workbook, and her website teach the skills for marriage success.

See Dr. Heitler’s professional website,, for information about her clinical practice.

See Dr. Heitler’s online program,, to learn the skills that enable couples to build a stronger and more loving marriage.

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