How to Control Anger


Managing your feelings by learning how to control anger

Use This Hand Map for Understanding Emotions To Learn How to Control Anger

In your family growing up, did your parents know how to control anger? If one or both of them had a temper, then you may be at high risk for also taking Fight Road in the face of conflicts.

As you walk down the road of life, from time to time you will bump — ! —into difficult situations. The five possible pathways you can take from there will determine how you feel.

Taking the anger pathway aims to enable you to get what you want by over-powering others.

Scroll down to the videos and worksheets below to learn the costs of getting what you want by using anger to dominate over others. The videos and worksheets in this section and in the Relationships section of this site also teach how to get what you want in a way that is empowered instead of controlling.

Empowerment can enable you to get what you want without anger. Empowered talking together in a collaborative way can lead to finding win-win solutions, solutions which feel satisfying both to you and to the others involved in the conflict.

Empowerment helps you to control your anger by knowing that you will be able to find solutions that work for you and at the same time work for others.

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How to Control Anger: Videos

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