How To Break Bad Habits & Addictions

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Understanding your emotions to help break bad habits and addictions

The Hand Map for Understanding Emotions: How to Break Bad Habits and Addictions

As you walk down the road of life, from time to time you will bump — ! —into difficult situations. The five possible pathways you can take from there will determine how you feel. You will end up having to break bad habits and addictions if the path you choose is an escape route, a way to flee from having to face the life bump.

This section of the website offers suggestions on how to break bad habits and addictions if you have taken the FLEE route and now are feeling trapped in habits that hurt you more than they help you.

Bad habits and addictions can seem serve you well to the extent that they distract you from a frustrating life problem and maybe also create good feelings within you. That’s unfortunate if you therefore end up ignoring instead of addressing the problematic situation. Bad situations often get worse over time.

In addition, bad habits and addictions can create additional difficulties such as health, work, or relationship struggles.

Better to find a way to to take the thumb route of finding win-win solutions!

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Breaking Bad Habits & Addictions Videos

The Best Possible Light — a technique for feeling and doing better.

That Was Then; This Is Now — a visualization technique for releasing negative feelings and thoughts

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