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SUSAN HEITLER PhD is a Denver clinical psychologist and widely-read author.

Educated at Harvard and NYU, Susan Heitler (pronounced Height-ler) writes blogposts and books with self-help information for individuals and couples.

Susan Heitler also addresses therapists, offering new ways to address anxiety, anger, depression, narcissism, and relationship challenges.

This website first shares several of Susan Heitler’s main contributions.

With her Hand Map of Bump Theory, Dr. Heitler explains her integrative perspective on mental health, psychopathology and psychotherapy. Her TEDx talk then describes her visualization technique for lifting depression.

Scroll down further for links to Dr. Heitler’s 40+ years of writings, audio podcasts, videos, webinars and more.

Exploring her work hopefully will clarify why Dr. Susan Heitler has earned a national and international reputation as one of America’s leading psychotherapists.


Dr. Heitler's Hand Map

Learn the pathways that lead to either emotional distress or well-being.


As you walk down the road of life, from time to time you will hit bumps: !

Bumps are upsetting situations—a tough personal decision, a conflict between you and others, or difficult circumstance such as illness or financial set-backs.

The five possible pathways from the bump will determine how you feel.
Fold on getting what you want and you will feel depressed.
Fight and you will feel angry.
Freeze with regard to addressing the problem and you will remain anxious.
Flee and you risk addiction to bad habits.
Find solutions and well-being will return.

Dr. Heitler’s TEDx Talk on Depression

Dr. Heitler’s other contributions include:

☛ the ground-breaking book From Conflict to Resolution bringing conflict resolution know-how from the business and legal worlds to the practice of psychotherapy.

The Angry Couple, a master therapist video shown in marriage therapy training programs worldwide.

☛ the Power of Two book, workbook, and website that teach the communication skills that enable couples to enjoy strong relationships.

☛ a video, The Win-Win Waltz, demonstrating win-win conflict resolution.

Prescriptions Without Pills, a book and free website offering self-help and therapist-aided techniques for relieving depression, anger, anxiety and more.

continuing education resources. Dr. Heitler’s techniques enhance therapists’ potency with both individuals and couples.

☛ blogposts on which have received over 13 million reads.

☛ a new way of understanding narcissism—as a disorder of listening.

six foreign editions of her books.

lectures for therapists across the US and in Austria, Australia, Canada, China, Israel, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon and the UAE; and most recently, as the keynote speaker at the first pan-Arab psychology conference.

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